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A multidisciplinary approach to assess the behavior of the ground beneath our feet



  • Deposit-scale open pit and underground fracture data collection and analysis

  • High wall and underground cell mapping

  • Open-pit and underground photogrammetry and laser scanning

  • Structural evaluation and domaining



  • Detailed fracture data collection, analysis, and domaining within drill core

  • Borehole televiewer image log optimization, logging, domaining, and interpretation

Structural Analysis

  • Mine-scale structural mapping and analysis

  • Structural monitoring and documentation via extensometer and remote laser analysis

  • Geological assessment and advisement for dewatering and slope stability controls

Rock Mechanics

  • Comprehensive alteration impact studies for rock mass and geological characterization and domaining

  • Production-scale ore and waste material hardness and reconciliation studies for model domaining

  • Rock mass strength and and classification for geotechnical assessment

  • Fluid-rock relationship assessment and for geotechnical modeling

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