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Early and advanced target optimization through best-practice techniques and technology

Representing one of the most quintessential modern exploration tools, Dahrouge is experienced in performing a variety of geophysical practices through both in-house and collaborative efforts to improve confidence in targeting and analysis.

Implementing innovation and creativity to a versatile assessment tool

Following our passion for innovation and creativity, our team is capable of stepping outside the mineral exploration realm to cater to urban and environmental fields.

In-House Services

  • Ground Magnetic and Gravimetric Surveys

    • Customized property wide surveys based on needs

    • Integrated results with geological mapping and reconnaissance 

    • Interpretation and assessment

Survey Management 

  • Airborne and Ground Surveys

    • EM / IP​

    • Borehole Logging and Geophysics

    • Resistivity

    • Electromagnetic

    • Induced Polarization

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