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& Processing

Optimizing production and maximizing profits through collaborative process analysis and focused studies

Laboratory &

Pilot Plant Studies

  • Operational viability assessments

  • Bulk sample preparation and design

  • Scaled bulk sample design

  • Equipment and technology trial advisement

  • Establish flowsheet controls and viability

  • Ore variability impact studies

  • Mill and plant staff training

Processing Plant Optimization

  • Variability studies for economic optimization

  • Grade characterization for process domaining and short-range excavation planning

  • Flowsheet update and design advisement



  • Data compilation and standardization for optimal databank understanding

  • Blasting and power assessment on various material types

  • Crushing, grinding, and energy output studies for short- and mid-range mining schedules

  • Advise on sampling and domaining of various material types for optimal process flow

  • Data compilation and analysis to assist in mine-to-mill strategies and maximum economic yield

Variability Studies

  • Material assessments for orebody domaining and sampling

  • Variability testing along geological, mineralogical, and geochemical parameters

  • Operations distribution testings for statistic significance assessment

  • Determine engineering constraints

  • Calculate mill run-time and power parameters for various ore and material types

  • Forecast and predictive model assessment and advisement

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