Professional Geologists

Jody Dahrouge, B.Sc., Sp.C., P. Geol.
Senior Geologist / President

Jody founded Dahrouge Geological in 1998 and has worked on a variety of early stage through development projects worldwide. Experience includes coal, industrial minerals, rare metals, base and precious metals, and uranium.

Darren Smith, M.Sc., P. Geol.
Senior Geologist / Manager

Darren's primary role is high-level project management with notable recent success through the discovery and advancement of Commerce Resources Corp's Ashram Rare Earth Deposit in northern Quebec. Darren has provided technical oversight for preliminary economic assessments and prefeasibility-study-level project advancement, and has set up and monitored complex metallurgical programs. His experience includes carbonatite complexes and associated rare metals, REEs, and unconformity-associated uranium deposits.

Neil McCallum, B.Sc., P. Geol.
Senior Geologist / Manager

Neil joined Dahrouge in 2004. His experience includes generating and managing exploration projects in a wide variety of commodities ranging from uranium, rare metals, REE's, limestone, coal, potash, diamonds, graphite, and base and precious metals. Neil has managed grass-roots and advanced level projects throughout North and South America. He also specializes in the creation of localized and regional GIS databases as a means to synthesize the vast amounts of historic and recent project data.

Brad Ulry, B.Sc., P.Geo.
Senior Geologist / Manager

Brad joined Dahrouge in 2007.  He has managed projects of all scales and specializes in customizing projects to meet late-stage industry standards, while working within controlled exploration budgets.  He has overseen structurally complex geologic solids and resource modelling projects, using Gemcom Gems and Maptek Vulcan.  Brad has worked on carbonatite-hosted rare metals and REEs, ultramafic-hosted Ni-PGE, unconformity-style uranium and structurally complex metallurgical coal deposits.

Janine Brown, B.Sc., P.Geo.
Project Geologist / Manager

Janine joined Dahrouge in 2007. She has experience in North America, Argentina and Australia, working on projects ranging from grassroots to advanced exploration. Janine has managed drilling and exploration programs, and is trained in Fusion database management. Her experience is primarily with carbonatite-hosted rare metals and REEs, but she has also worked with ultramafic REEs, coal, porphyry gold, and epithermal gold deposits.

William Miller, B.Sc., P.Geo.
Project Geologist / Manager

William joined Dahrouge in 2008.  He has conducted exploration programs across Canada and the US on various commodities, including industrial minerals, base and precious metals, phosphate, and coal.  Will has several years of experience directly overseeing late-stage exploration programs, as well as grassroots prospecting.  He also has experience modelling structurally complex ore deposits using Gemcom GEMS and stratigraphic deposits using Maptek Vulcan.

Kelly Krueger, B.Sc., P.Geo.
Project Geologist

Kelly worked for Dahrouge as a student in 2010 and 2011, before joining full-time in 2012. She has worked extensively on limestone exploration projects in BC, Alberta, NWT, and the Yukon.  She has also worked on copper-gold porphyry and VMS deposits in northern BC and unconformity-associated uranium deposits in the Athabasca Basin in northern SK.

Matthew Carter, B.Sc., P.Geol.
Project Geologist / Manager

Matt joined Dahrouge in 2010 and has advanced steadily to co-management of remote field operations, drilling campaigns, and regional exploration programs. Matt is well versed in industry standard QA/QC protocols and database management. His experience covers a range of commodities including carbonatite-hosted rare earth elements, rare metals, and lithium.