Whether it is the discovery of a significant mineral occurrence or the responsible evaluation of a project, Dahrouge has a successful track record. These successes are a direct result of our extensive knowledge base derived from four decades of exploration.

Some of our recent successes include:
    Blue River Carbonatite, British Columbia (Tantalum, Niobium)
    Day - Porcupine, British Columbia (Copper, Gold)
    Elk Creek Carbonatite, Nebraska, USA (Niobium, Phosphate, REE's)
    J-Zone, Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan (Uranium)
    Parson's Creek, Fort McMurray, Alberta (Aggregate / Limestone)

The following map highlights some of our past and present projects, and available opportunities.

Moosehorn - Gold
Atlin - Placer Gold
Silverhart - Silver, Lead, Zinc
Cable Creek - Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc
North Vancouver Island - Industrial Minerals
Ant; Staircase - Rare Metals
Giscome; Hansard - Industrial Minerals
Carbo; Bearpaw; Eaglet Lake - Rare Metals
Kelly Lake; Pavillion - Industrial Minerals
Day - Gold, Copper
Blue River - Tantalum, Niobium
Hinton/Cadomin - Industrial Minerals
Peace River - Lithium/Frac Sand
Silver Cup - Silver, Lead, Zinc
Fox Creek - Lithium
Don - Gold
West-Central Alberta - Industrial Minerals
Pilot Peak - Industrial Minerals
Tom; Sickle; Burnt Island; Camlaren - Gold
Cricket Mountain - Industrial Minerals
Sunset West - Gold
Indian Creek - Industrial Minerals
Fort McMurray - Industrial Minerals
North Shore; South Shore; Surprise Creek - Uranium
Richardson River - Uranium
Vermilion No. 15 - Potash
Provost Potash - Potash
Jackfish Creek - Uranium
Nanacho - Uranium
Fort McLeod - Uranium
Deadwood - Gold, Silver, Copper
Archie Lake - REE's, Uranium
Hall Lake; Patterson Lake; Davy Lake - Uranium
Pinehouse Lake - Industrial Minerals
Duddridge Lake - Uranium
Thelon - Uranium
Waterbury Lake (J Zone); Wollaston - Uranium
Tobin Lake - Coal
Thorburn Lake - Uranium
Mafeking - Industrial Minerals
Faulkner - Industrial Minerals
Elk Creek - REE's, Uranium
La Mamita - Gold
Pleasant Gap - Industrial Minerals
Dieter Lake - Uranium
La Quebradona - Gold
Pinaya - Gold, Copper
Gramalote - Gold
Estrella; San Carlos/Miraflores; La Mina/San Martin de Loba; Buena Seqa - Gold
Macusani - Uranium
Minas Lucho - Gold
Eldor - Rare Metals
Nachicapau - Uranium
Guyana - Uranium
Port Hope - REE's, Uranium
Eritrea - Gold
New Blue Ribbon - Gold